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Access browser dating loan site

From June 2010 to April 2011 anyone with an i Phone unknowingly had their locations mapped and saved in Apple’s databases, and it’s still not clear what’s become of all those dropped pins and destinations.

Bridle’s publication is a reminder of the permanent memories the devices around us contain and how much information can be extrapolated from them. The information your Fitbit collects about you is not only valuable to you alone.

Clip your Fitbit to a metronome, a drill, a bicycle wheel or a pendulum and generate valuable fitness data without lifting a finger.

How can we make ourselves useful and get paid for it in a job market where humans are rapidly being replaced by technology?

A sensor records your hand movements as you scroll your Facebook timeline, while emotion-recognition software registers your visceral response to what you see.

This system makes valuable correlations between what you read and how you feel about it.

Data Production Labour offers you the chance to visualise your contribution to the Big Data economy just by scrolling through your social media feed.Here you can find content divided in the thematic exhibition areas.What does it mean when we say we have ‘nothing to hide’?What is personal data in an age where data is everything but personal?The Glass Room is a space for reflection, experimentation and play that provides different ways of understanding how technologies and data are changing our lives.

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Our most intimate data, when it is aggregated into data sets and mined for patterns, is also tech companies’ most valuable asset.