Civil war reenactor dating

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Civil war reenactor dating

“ A Group for Historical Reenactors and Performers” We are a group of dedicated reenactors and performers representing all historical genres.Together we are dedicated to preservation, safety, and professionalism. “ Insurance Coverage You Can Count On” Membership includes comprehensive insurance coverage.10H Outfitters and the BSMCU admire their contributions and are proud to carry-on their lasting legacy of courage, service, and honor.

He has previously written about film for Bloody Disgusting, We Got This Covered, What Culture, and The Celebrity Cafe.

Our members are all individually covered by Million per occurrence and Million aggregate with excess medical insurance that covers them personally. “ Merging History with the Digital Age” Convenience is important to our members, so The Reenactors Performance Group, provides quick service and fast turn-around of information, insurance requests, additionally insured insurance certificates.

All information is available online and in digital format. All Flintlock weapons must have installed flashguard and hamerstall. No weapon will be allowed to field if it slips out of half cock when activated by the trigger on your finger.

But Eric refuses to do so, although he agrees to bring Frank to the spot where Augustus died.

Frank seems to connect with him on a deeply personal level, perhaps because both of them wear masks that they refuse to drop.

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Federal and Confederate armies suffered a combined total of 51,000 casualties over three days, the highest number of any battle in the four-year war.