Dating website by iq intelligent dating a man not yet divorced

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Dating website by iq intelligent

Anything that goes in must be decontaminated before it comes out - including me.

This facility houses live viruses, often unidentified, lethal and highly contagious - viruses for which there's no treatment and no cure. Dr Linfa Wang We have to do strategic research so that we would be ready if any virus happen to get into Australia.

Dr Maryanne Demasi Demasi So these are examples here?

Dr Linfa Wang Yes, this is the example of the hendra virus.

NARRATIONTeams of scientists worked around the clock to isolate and identify the new virus. Dr Linfa Wang And you can just, you know, compare the discovery of the Hendra virus with SARS virus.

Dr Maryanne Demasi talks to scientists about where the next threat will come from and whether or not Australia will be ready for it.

Lab person This is where you remove your clothing...ok, Dr Maryanne Demasi As in ALL of my clothing Lab person All you clothing, so you're standing there starkers Dr Maryanne Demasi Even my underwear?

Lab person Even your underwear Dr Maryanne Demasi Oh dear NARRATIONBiosecurity doesn't get much tighter than this.

Dr Les Hall Yes it's a typical roosting area for them. It looks as though it's ah urban areas are more reliable food resources.

So that does um increase the amount of contact with humans.

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