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filed for divorce in December, and while they haven’t even shown up to court dates to make this thing happen (and have been spotted with their children together like a happy family), they haven’t called off the plans to end their marriage.

Still, to those who know them, they seemed to be attempting to make things work.

Scaramucci's hiring prompted Sean Spicer's resignation, a sad day for Melissa Mc Carthy but a happy day for mini-fridges throughout the White House.In light of that history, it will be interesting to see how long he sticks around in that crumbling quagmire of an administration.Dawn, a school principal, found the maintenance behind owning a home horrifying.Hence another issue with dating while someone is going through a divorce. While Tiny is taking her anger out on the wrong person, she has every right to feel some type of way, especially if he ever gave the impression that he might have wanted to fight for his family.Not to mention that the whole comment about the inability to break up an already broken home from Burgos sounds like something someone doing something they shouldn’t would say. Still, considering that she spent years married to someone who allegedly spent a lot of time cheating, can Tiny really be surprised that he moved on so fast? Since she filed for divorce, are they both free to date and do whatever they please?

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When someone files for divorce, it usually means that they’re at their wit’s end when it comes to what they can do about their marriage. Rumors swirled that the two were getting to know each other better (again, whatever that means) after they were spotted leaving emojis on one another’s photos.

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