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A movie outing or a short walk or a relaxation is just the starting.

Keep your time and never be in haste to judge or conclude he is the right or wrong guy. Checking out a man's profile online should reveal a lot about him from his choice of words or the profile picture on display and often women ignores the choice of words and rather been consumed by the charming picture.

Making the right choice of the site for you is a great task so don't overlook it.

Concluding so soon he is the right guy when he shows up.

This also mean meeting a good guy should be on a dating site that is just right for you and him.

(And sometimes the person setting Quinn up was ALSO a total stranger; all they knew about her was that she was the nice single woman who stood in line behind them at the zoo.)All Quinn has to show for it is a series of great stories about terrible dates and some tips for how to stay safe while dating strangers. Being in my upper 30's and single myself, it was so easy to relate to all the stress that comes with trying the different avenues of dating, yet she made all the crazy dates we have to go through seem completely humorous while encouraging us to stay true to ourselves and continue living and enjoying life no matter the status of our dating life.Feeling hopeless and thinking when or if they will ever find a good guy again.Instead of giving up, take this tip and make a way for the better dates ahead.It is assured that avoiding these mistakes will help a great deal in having your desired dating partner.The believe that a good guy will show up when it's the right time.

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The slightly acerbic, but clearly nice first person narrator sounds equally confidential and gossipy at the same time, like she (I assume the author/narrator is a she) is on a personal tell-all binge, but for your ears only. The writing is concise, yet filled with enough small details to make it feel very real. I appreciate the heroine taking matters into both hands, pulling herself up by the bootstraps, and being willing to give more than one blind date a try! All I can say is that if you're introverted, have ever dated before, and are looking for a lighthearted, funny read, try this one out. Another reviewer mentioned this reads more like a blog than a novel. It's pretty much a list of bad date after bad date.