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Beyonce is incredible, but she's a rip-off artist with . So when I found out about the new dating app, Hater, that connects people who dislike the same kinds of things, it seemed... [Full disclosure: I am not single, but I have done a ton of online dating in the past.] The app launches today, February 8, for i OS. For each, you tell the app whether you like, dislike, love or hate that topic. I am convinced that most craft beer lovers are lying, dogs are almost always gross and no, Beyonce isn't flawless, people! Users are presented with a series of topics or words, such as "LOL," Drake, mansplaining, Brooklyn and sour beer.But if intelligence and sexual exclusivity go hand in hand, why are men willing to date less intelligent women?

He isn’t searching for laundry list of degrees or accolades. Gentlemen might say they prefer brains to blondes, but it seems that when faced with a romantic evening of oysters with a woman who might have far-superior brain power, many would rather pass to spend it with someone with far less mental wattage.For a new study, psychologists at the University of Buffalo, California Lutheran University and University of Texas questioned 105 men with a series of experiments and discovered that smart women made them feel less masculine. – that even though most men like the idea of dating an intelligent woman, put them in front of one and that attraction suddenly withers. In theory, men may like the idea of a partner with a successful career; perhaps it plays to their inner George Clooney.Smarter women are no more likely to value sexual exclusivity than less intelligent women.Or, to flip it around, less intelligent women do not place a lower value on monogamy than more intelligent women.

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