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Free online really dirty sex talk for adults

The point is that if stereotypical dirty talk is not your bag - and I'd say the majority of women can happily live without it - then few things are guaranteed to be a greater turn-off.

Indeed, most of us would rather eat slugs than have our sweet nothings recorded, as they would inevitably invite revulsion or hilarity.I was on holiday with some friends recently when a man in our group scolded a woman for using the phrase 'making love'.He said it was 'cringe-making, like something Chris de Burgh would sing to a simpering blonde'.The very fact they wouldn't use them in everyday conversation gives them an electrifying charge in the bedroom.Others, it has to be said, talk dirty because they've learnt the little they know about sex from pornography, and it often bespeaks a massive failure of imagination.

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(And you don't want to turn him mute; if there's one thing worse than a man ineptly uttering crudities, it's a man who's silent when he makes love.) My guess is that your man found his brand of dirty talk was a successful tactic with at least one previous girlfriend, so he's carried on rolling it out.