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Phone chat in chennai

Thank you Shrimatha for giving us a very strong tool with which we can heal ourselves. Sometimes I used to get up in the middle of the night feeling I was being choked by something. I was enjoying the meditation everyday and could feel myself becoming very calm and peaceful. With my meditation the energy of my house is now very positive and we are all very happy. Then I attended Sri Vidya class and with the blessings of Guruji started chanting Bala Mantra and Sowbhagya Panchadasi Mantra. Read more I had got into a financial crisis since I lost my job and recession had also hit the industry.

Koti koti pranams to Shrimathaji Sanjeevani meditation is powerful. Read more My husband met with an accident and was unable to walk. I heard about Alpha Mind Power workshop and attended it. However, I was always angry with my mother in law although she was very kind to me. I could not repay many of my personal loans on time.

Now i realise that all those problems have vanished. Whenever I sit for meditation my body used to start trembling. My husband suffered from kidney stone pain last week. Still, there was some kind of a search continuing in my mind. I received the initiation from Guruji and started practicing. Read more My husband was suffering from stomach pain for one week. But my daughter is married for 8 years and still she had not conceived. Read more I have completed upto level 2 of Alpha Mind Power.

Due to this shaking I could not attain complete focus. I have started seeing lots of positive changes in people around me both at work and in family. Thanks to Srimatha I used to take tablet for high blood pressure. Read more I was in the rehearsal for a dance program. And I had to admit him in emergency and take him to Coimbatore from Chennai all alone and he had his surgery there. I had the great bliss of getting a vision of the Devi everyday in meditation! Read more My husband started a textiles shop 3 years back. But the very next year the business went into difficulties. The count of 10000 coconuts per year has now gone up to more than 30000! Also I am getting One rupee more than other people! After a medical checkup doctors said there was a stone in his kidney and his pancreas and liver were also swollen. I attended Sri Vidya class and started chanting Bala Mantra and Sowbaghya Panchadasi Mantra given in the class by Guruji. I got the ‘Vidhya Siddhi’ CD for my son who was studying Plus 2. In the board exam he got 1177/1200 where the cutoff mark was 199.25.

Read more I attended Sanjeevani class at Bengaluru yesterday.

This makes a person’s thinking very powerful, very intuitive and very creative .A 22-year-old woman -- a techie -- died on Tuesday morning after a spurned lover set her ablaze in her home at Adambakkam in Chennai on Monday night.Her mother and sister sustained burn injuries when they tried to save her.I have been listening to the meditation almost every day before going to bed.Before the class i had digestion problem, tiredness and many other small health problems. Read more I attended Level 1 in October 2017 at Chennai.

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Since I knew about the award ceremony two months back, I started visualizing in Alpha that he receives the prestigious award. Read more I have been facing a lot of challenges in my office. I was on the point of breaking down when i saw the affirmation ‘My reactions to situations are becoming more calm day by day’ from Guruji.

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