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Math and Kylie Jenner's due date tell us that Kylie got pregnant more than a month after she and Tyga split.

But apparently that hasn't stopped Tyga from hollerin' in Kylie's direction. And it sounds like he'll say anything, exploiting her insecurities and her compromised emotional state, to do it.

However, the final calculated coordinates are always converted to either True North or Grid North. The divergence between true north and magnetic north is different for most points on the earth’s surface, and in addition to this the magnetic north pole changes its position very slightly each year.

The angle in degrees between true and magnetic north is called the declination angle.

They can be easily derived by subtracting the grid coordinates of the surface location from those of the target.

Despite dubious theories that Tyga is Kylie Jenner's baby daddy, the world knows that Kylie is pregnant with Travis Scott's baby.

" wanted Kylie to know that if she ever felt neglected that he would always welcome her back." Oh, we're sure that he would.

The kick off point is defined as the point below the surface location from where the well is deflected from the vertical.

The position of the kick off depends on several parameters including: geological considerations, geometry of well and proximity of other wells.

And since apparently Kylie's pregnancy hormones make her a little nuts, she's probably especially vulnerable and looking to feel emotionally secure.

told Kylie that he has not been the same since they split." We somehow suspect that he's singing a different tune than he was in June, when he celebrated how much better his life supposedly is without Kylie.

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Kylie Jenner's due date is reportedly February 4th, just 10 days before Valentine's Day.

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